Research Overview

The major research areas are:

Visual Perception

We conduct multi-disciplinary research covering various areas of visual perception and oculomotor control. There is a high degree of collaboration between the members of the group. Many of the projects listed below are joint collaborative projects by the members of...

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Brain-wave Analysis

The primary goal is to conduct research in the automated analysis of bio-electrical signals. The main focus is on electroencephalograms (EEGs) and evoked potentials (EPs, the brain’s electrical response to external sensory stimuli), although other electrophysiological signals such as the rapid eye movements during sleep stage REM and electromyograms (muscle activity) are...

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Cognition & Behavior

The research of center members in this area addresses issues concerned with the understanding of disorders that include epilepsy, schizophrenia and autism. In addition, work by these center members has engaged classical topics, such as those of unconscious processes, representation and emotion. Dr. Jansen’s group has also been involved in the new field of neural prosthesis...

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