• The Neural Network: Reverse-Engineering the Brain
  • REX Braincap
  • Deep Inside the Mind
  • Imaging the Brain
  • Measuring Perception and Behavior

This center is the successor of the Cognitive Science Initiative, and its primary mission is to conduct basic and applied research in neuro-engineering and cognitive science.

Other important objectives include the education of students in a multi-disciplinary approach to topics relevant to...

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Cognitive Science is one of the most rapidly expanding fields in universities. The Certificate in Cognitive Science is designed to meet the need of an increasing number of students to be able to engage in, and critically assess the results of research in this important area. Students from a wide variety of backgrounds will find the certificate courses...

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Dr. Charles S. Layne Dr. Charles S. Layne
Department of Health and Human Performance
Dr. Stacey L. Gorniak Dr. Stacey L. Gorniak
Department of Health and Human Performance
Dr. Metin Akay Dr. Metin Akay
Department of Biomedical Engineering